Game Processing

Open 24 hours During Deer Season

Hours: Monday-Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM (CLOSED Sunday)



Medium Deer 75lbs. or less $60.00

76lbs. – 99lbs. $65.00

100lbs. – 125lbs. $70.00

126lbs. – 150lbs. $75.00

151lbs. – 175lbs. $80.00

175lbs. and over $85.00

All Boneless add $25.00





Elk (processing) .80¢ per lb.

All Boneless add .20¢ per lb.



Deer add extra $30.00 each

Elk add extra $50.00 each

Hang Only


Deer  $10.00 per day

Elk  $15.00 per day


Specialty Services


Grind Only  .45¢ per lb.

Wrap Only  .35¢ per lb.

Grind and Wrap  .80¢ per lb.

Add Beef or Pork  add $2.50 per lb.


By Produts


Italian Sausage  $3.25 per lb.

Country Sausage  $3.25 per lb.

Links (Hot or Mild)  $3.50 per lb.


Salami  $13.00 each

Smoked Sausage $3.50 per lb.

Bratwurst $3.25 per lb.

Chorizo $3.25 per lb.



Venison yield is influenced by 4 major factors

  1. Shot Placement: Bullet placement can greatly increace or hinder venison yield.
  2. Field Dressing: The cleaner the meat. the greater the yield.
  3. Handling:
    a) Transportation: while traveling aviod any road heat,excess dust and debris.
    b) Storage: Avoid prolonged exposer to the elements, heat, dirt, insects and vermin.
  4. Processing: Finally, if properly cared for, selection of a qualified processor can further insure tastier and greater yield.

Venison Yield Chart